Working with field point data.

In this case we will be doing a quick spatial analysis of species observation data downloaded from the Living Atlas of Australia website.

In this case I have downloaded all the resorded sitings of echidnas in Kakadu NP. We will quick do an analysis of the number of sitings in each habitat type. To do this, we need to reproject the echidna siting data so it is in the same format as the habitat data.

Use the reproject layer tool:

Project to GDA94/Australian Albers

Now use the Processing Toolbox to search and search for the Point Statistics for Polygons tool:

Note that this is using a tool from SAGA GIS. QGIS enables seamless integration of tool sets from another other geoprocessing packages such as SAGA-GIS and GRASS GIS.

Enter the reprojected echidna point data and the ‘collected’ habitat data.

The attribute table of the resulting vector layer will show the number of siteings for each habitat type.