QGIS for Fire Managers – Tiwi

QGIS provides a set of powerful tools for understanding the risks and opportunities for managing fires on your country. Being able to bring in maps that tell you where you have burnt in the past, where are fire might burn in the future can inform your strategies for strengthening fire breaks and responding to fires.

In this training, we will work through exercises that will introduce you to spatial data (digital maps) and how you can use them for your fire information.

  1. An introduction to the QGIS layout
  2. Understanding GIS data and making a map
  3. Installing and Exploring the NAFI QGIS plugin
  4. Understanding fire history
  5. Building fire spread landscape layers and creating burn plan lines
  6. Using hi-resolution imagery – checking your burns
  7. GeospatialPDFs and Avenza

This course is a part of a range of short course offerings offered by Charles Darwin University that are accredited with digital badges to recognise learning, experience, skills and knowledge. 

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Earning Criteria

  • Participants must complete an in-person training.
  • Competency in navigating QGIS to their operational areas of interest and overlaying key (NAFI) fire information datasets via the NAFI plugin. A map export of the region with fire information will be required.
  • Building a map of fire spread landscape layers and illustrating how this would be used to guide mitigation burns. A map export of the region with fire information will be required.

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Before beginning the training:

If you can please bring a laptop with the latest ‘most stable’ version of QGIS already installed.

Contact NAFI at nafi@cdu.edu.au if you require access to data.

This tutorial was kindly supported by the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation