Save the fire history project

It is really usefull to save your project and any new maps that you made along the way so you can open it again later modify and or share it with others.

The first thing we need to do is save all of the new clipped Dambi fire history layers. Right now although we can see them in the map window they have now been saved in a permanent way. One way we know that they have not been saved is if wee see the little bug icon next to the layer.

These little bugs mean that we need to save these layers if we want to use them in the furture. To do this right click on a layer and select “save as”.

This will open a new window where we need to specifiy where we want to save the layer and what we want to call it. Note that there are many different formats that we can save this (raster) data in. The default form is as a GeoTiff, which is perfect for our work.

When we save the layer the new saved version should autmatically appear in our map window. howevere this version will not have the same colour scheme as our original layer.

This is easy to fix. First right click on the original layer and select copy style.

Now paste this into our new, saved layer.

Our saved layer should now have the same colours.

Once this is done we can remove the original (not saved) layer.

Notice that our saved layers do not have the bug icon next to them.

Now we have saved our new layers we can save the whole map ‘project’. This will allow us to close QGIS and open it at a later time with all our layers and display settings just as we left it. In face the latest project will appear at the top of the map window every time you first open QGIS making it very easy to access,