QGIS – Training

QGIS is free open source software and is an excellent platform for exploring fire data and including your own local information to support planning. The training material provided here is based on examples of mapping and data analysis for ecological and NRM applications in the North of Australia.

In this tutorial we will work with spatial information for Kakadu National Park.

  1. First identifying the park within N.T. tenure information and then creating a habitat map including roads and watercourses.
  2. We will use online Satellite imagery to identify and create a new point vector file of locations of interest.
  3. Create new attribute information through calculating area statistics.
  4. Explore online field data of species occurrence and create new information related to observation locations and habitat data.
  5. Learn how to access and Load elevation data for anywhere in the world using a QGIS plugin.
  6. Reclassify raster (elevation) data to produce new descriptive landscape metrics
  7. Work with free fire data to produce fire history data to describe the fire regimes in Kakadu.

Before beginning the training:

Training content

QGIS Basic Structure and layout
Vector Data
Data navigation, structure, and interrogation
Working with Symbology
Creating new data using online imagery
Calculate geostatistics.
Print Layout
Saving data and projects
Working with field point data.
Raster Data
Downloading Raster data
Elevation data processing and analysis
Working with fire history rasters