QGIS for fire managers (Kimberley)

QGIS provides a set of powerful tools for understanding the risks and opportunities for managing fires on your country. Being able to bring in maps that tell you where you have burnt in the past, where are fire might burn in the future can inform your strategies for strengthening fire breaks and responding to fires.

In this training, we will work through exercises that will introduce you to spatial data (digital maps) and how you can use them for your fire information.

  1. An introduction to the QGIS layout
  2. Installing and exploring the NAFI plugin
  3. Understanding fire history
  4. Building your fire spread landscape maps
  5. Saving your projects
  6. Grabbing latest hi-resolution imagery to check your burns.
    1. Whats is spatial resolution and why is it important for monitoring fires.
    2. Downloading latest fire imagery.
  7. Creating planned burn lines for mobile (Avenza)

Before beginning the training: