Print Layout

Now, create a map for export the beautiful Kakadu image we have produced. Skip to video.

Select the map layout tool

Give the new map a name.

Right click on the new map area and edit the layout format to portrait mode.

Once you have the page setup you can add maps and map features to the page using the layout tools:

First, use the add map tool to add your map to the layout page.

In the map ‘Main Properties’ page, change the scale so the map fits the layout area.

Use the add legend tool to add a legend for the habitat types.

 You will need to remove all legends for all of the other non-habitat layers. In the legend dislouge window.

  1. Deselect auto-update
  2. Select a legend item you want to remove
  3. Press the remove item button

Finally, add the attribute table with the area values for the

To remove the erroneous table entry, you can use the filter feature as shown below:

Use the expression as shown below:

So you have the table like this:

Try adding a scale bar, a north arrow and a title.

Export your map using one of the layout export functions under the ‘Layout’ menu.

Video summary: