Data structure and interrogation

In this exercise we will create a map of Kakadu national park combining and clipping a number of spatial datasets.
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First load load NT Tenure Data using the Browser panel find the NT_TEN_GDA.shp.

Explore NT Tenure Data attributes first by opening the attribute table.

You can also interrogate individual layers using the information tool.

Try selecting some polygons to show their attributes.

We can also select poltygons based on the attributes using the “Select Features by Value’ tool:

Try selecting all the reserve tenures in the Northern Territory as shown below.

Now select from the reserves those greater than 10,000km 2. To do this you need to create a selection expression.

Enter 10000 for AREA_KM2 and set the expression to Greater Than

Finally select Kakadu NP using the Name attribute.

You can save just the selected features as a new dataset. Righ-click on the layer and select “Save Selected Features As”.

Now add roads and river features to the Kakadu map.

Using vector data geoprocessing tool Clip data to the Kakadu tenure extent

You can create the new clipped layer as a temporary file, this is the default setting, or save it as a new shape file.

Once you have have the new clipped data right click on the layer and view its properties.

In the source information change the name of the layer to rivers or roads depending on which layer you have clipped..

The video below shows the steps described above: