Creating new data using online imagery

Now create some new point location data using google earth imagery to identify sites of interest. Skip to video.

To add google earth or other online map data add a new XYZ tile connection. To do this make sure you have the browser panel open. If you can not see the browser panel right-click on the top panel and activate it.

In the new connection add one of the following web map connection URLS.

Google Maps: :{x}&y={y}&z={z}
Google Satellite:{x}&y={y}&z={z}
Google Satellite Hybrid:{x}&y={y}&z={z}
Open Street Map:{z}/{x}/{y}.png

With the new Google map data open zoom and pan to features of interest

Adding Location Point Data:

  1. Add a new vector layer
  2. Give the new layer a name and file location
  3. Define the layer type as a point layer
  4. Add a new field with the name “Name”. this will be the name of the new point location, ie ‘Jabiru’.
  5. Add to Field List”
  1. Start editing by pressing the editing ‘on’ button
  2. Zoom to a feature you want to name and add a point using the add point button

Fill in the attribute name appropriate for the position of the point.

Do this for 5-6 locations in Kakdu. Then label the points.

Adding  labels

The video below shows the steps described above: